Keith (Mickey) Myles

On a Monday morning in September 2006, Keith - or Mickey as he was affectionately known to friends and family - went to work just like so many Mondays before.

Keith had trained and worked as a mason in his early years, but left the trade to pursue other employment. After a successful career, he retired. He and his wife bought a retirement home in Havre Boucher, living just a few doors over from their two of their grandchildren. Life was good.

Never one to sit idle, Keith decided to return to work as a mason. He loved brick laying and was proud that at age 62, he could keep up with the young guys, often laying stones quicker than his fellow workers.

On this morning, Keith had just gotten up on some scaffolding to begin work. He hadn't even had time to clip on his safety harness. And there was no railing. He fell some 14 metres, falling through a false ceiling to the ground below.

Keith's daughter Annette recalls her brother calling with the fateful news. Her first thought was, "this is just an accident. I'll go to the hospital to be with dad."

But this was not to be. Keith died from injuries sustained during the fall on the way to the hospital.

For Annette, her mom Catherine, her brother Troy and their families, their world will never be the same again. Now they have only their memories - of how Keith liked to tell stories and make people laugh, of how he enjoyed gardening and kept beautiful flower gardens, and, most of all, how he loved spending time with his four grandchildren.

And how every time they see cosmos, Keith's favourite flower, they think of him, puttering around the garden with his grandchildren.